Weather Links

Models / Simulations

An AWESOME moving representation of surface wind currents, ocean currents, and much more for the entire planet.

A visual, moving representation of surface wind currents in the United States.


A site that compares the historical accuracy of various weather websites' forecasts. See which forecast is the most accurate for your area.

Local weather forecast from the National Weather Service

Boston Snowfall Forecast Map from the National Weather Service

Snowfall predictions and analysis. See how much snow will fall, and how much fell after a storm. Note: This only shows the predicted snowfall for the next storm, however small. So, if it's a week when multiple days of snow are expected, you will need to wait until the first day's snowfall has ended before seeing a map for the next storm.

National 3-Day Snowfall Forecast from the National Weather Service

See a national map of the snowfall that's expected in the next 72 hours (3 days). This map is updated about every 6 hours. Therefore, if you check at the beginning of the school day, check again at the end to see if it has changed.

Hourly Weather Graph from the National Weather Service

The National Weather Service's "Hourly Weather Graph," which is great for seeing how temperature, rain/snow, wind, etc. will change over the next few days. (I use this to see how much snow we're going to get!)

Snow Day Calculator, a project started by a MIDDLE SCHOOLER!

Uses many of the same data sources listed on this page to make a simple prediction about whether or not school will be cancelled. (You should still do your homework, though!)