An online resource for Mr. Clarke's science students

Welcome, fellow scientists!

I'm so excited to get to know you all this year, and for all that we're going to learn about the natural world together. Use this site as a starting point for finding all of the important resources and links you'll need for class this year.


  1. Learn how to access your electronic textbook (eText)

  2. Describe and classify matter


  1. Two Truths and a Lie, continued.

  2. Results from #005 (yesterday's 12:38 experiment!)

  3. Review answers to yesterday’s Exit Slip

  4. #006 Set up your eTextbook account

  5. Use remaining class time to work on #007 Describing and Classifying Matter


  • Before next Wednesday (9/30) → Finish through #007

OBJECTIVE: Explain the cause of the seasons, and conduct an experiment that uses the angle of sunlight to determine your latitude.


  • DO NOW: Finish writing your 2 Truths & 1 Lie!

  • What in the world???

  • Two Truths and a Lie

  • ID’ing adults’ misconceptions about the causes of seasons

  • Prove that the Earth is Round at 12:38 PM today!

  • If Time: Review answers to yesterday’s Exit Slip


  • Today → #001 through #003

  • Before weekend → #004 Seasons in 3D Gizmo

  • (OPTIONAL) Do #005 outside today at 12:38 PM!

SEP 21 & 22 Agenda

OBJECTIVE: Describe how the Earth's tilt causes places on Earth to experience different intensities of sunlight at different times of year, leading to temperature changes that result in seasons.


① Attendance

Flocabulary - Seasons

③ How your work is organized in Classroom

④ Assignments due: #001, #002, and #003

⑤ How to access assignments on Canvas

⑥ Do #002 in your own Breakout Room

⑦ Take a 10 minute break at any point before class ends

⑧ Do #003 in your own Breakout Room

SEP 17 & 18 Agenda

  1. Attendance & Logistics

  2. Zoom Do's and Don'ts

  3. Observations & Inferences about your science teacher

  4. 8th Grade Science Expectations, Materials, & FAQs

  5. Wildfires &